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    Worship for the Leigh Memorial and Westmead Congregations      
    September and October 2021

    From Sunday 12 September Leigh Memorial and Westmead will join in Zoom worship with the Northmead-Centenary Uniting Church.

    Combined Sunday Worship Service for Parramatta Mission Congregations   

    The service will commence at 9.30am on Zoom with details below.
    Zoom Details for Sunday Morning Worship 17th of October  at 9.30am:


    Parramatta Mission Leigh Memorial Fijian Worship

    The service will commence at  11.15am
    Zoom Details for Sunday Morning Worship 17th of October at 11:15am 


    Meeting ID: 913 491 3679



    Pastoral Letter from the General Secretary, Moderator and Associate Secretary

    covid-19-response-plan Pastoral Letter-29-Jul-2021

    UCA Covid-19 response plan


    Please note the following important information relating to Worship

    • Covid-19 Restrictions: 
      • Under the current restrictions all places of Worship are closed 
      • Our normal worship services will be conducted via Zoom
      • Zoom link details are set out in the Newsletter

    Stay safe


    On 25th July 2021 Westmead Congregation celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the official opening of the Gloster Udy Chapel at Queens Road, Westmead.
    You can view the recording of the online celebrations HERE
    Passcode: M97hXXb?

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    If you would like to join the community LIVE On the internet (via Zoom), please use the following links:

    BIBLE STUDY Interpreting the Cross 

    DOWNLOAD TEXT Interpreting the Cross 2

    DOWNLOAD TEXT Interpreting the Cross 1 (previous week)


    Parramatta Mission Leigh Fijian Worship

    Time: Sundays 11.15am

    Join Zoom Meeting https://uca-nswact.zoom.us/j/9134913679
    Meeting ID: 913 491 3679
    Or Dial by your location +61 2 8015 6011 Australia

    Westmead UC Bible Study

    Time: Mondays 2pm

    Meeting ID: 950 4369 5512
    Or phone in   +61 2 8015 6011 Australia

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