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    Parramatta Mission seeks to provide accommodation and lasting memories through “Hospitality with a Heart” through our accommodation options located in Westmead, NSW.

    Our Vision – We will be a recognised leader in the delivery of innovative and sustainable services. We will develop strategies to overcome challenges to hospitality and its services. We will strive to improve accommodation access and inclusion.

    Our Mission – To gather people to worship, to communicate the Gospel in word and action, to deliver care for all people, to care for our community, to engage with its life, to confront its contradictions and to care for the environment.

    Our Values – Inclusive, Accountable, Empathy, Genuine, Approachable, Dependable

    Our Service – Parramatta Mission is welcoming, caring and genuinely hospitable, hosting various types of accommodations including 175 Hotel Westmead and Wesley Apartments.

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