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    “Volunteering is time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain.” (Volunteering Australia)

    At Parramatta Mission we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality volunteering experience. With over 70 services, we are always looking for ways Volunteers can help support our Mission.

    How can I volunteer?

    Without the kindness and commitment of our volunteers, many of our services would not be possible. We have a wide variety of volunteering opportunities within Parramatta Mission which are ever-changing. There are several ways you can help Volunteer at Parramatta Mission.

    ** Please note, Parramatta Mission has placed many Volunteer positions on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To find out more please email volunteer@parramattamission.org.au **

    Individual volunteering

    It is only with the support of our valuable volunteers that we can assist those most in need within our community. Here at Parramatta Mission we are committed to providing safe working environments which is why all volunteers must have a valid Working with Children Check (WWCC) upon applying for a position. Please follow this link to obtain your WWCC.

    Volunteers must be over the age of 18 years old and be available on an on-going basis. Please see below for our Volunteer Application Process:

    • Download the Volunteer Application Form  and email to volunteer@parramattamission.org.au
    • Once application is reviewed, successful applications will be offered an interview
    • Interview to be conducted
    • Criminal Record check (At the expense of the volunteer, $16) Volunteer Coordinator to provide details on how to obtain this after the interview is complete (please provide the following on your interview date: 100 points identifications i.e. passport, driver’s license, Medicare card, Bank card)
    • Volunteer opportunity will be offered to applicant
    • On acceptance of offer all standard of code of conduct, WH&S, Ethics & Behavior guide, volunteer rights & responsibilities and non-disclosure & confidentiality agreement paperwork need to be read and agreed upon

    Volunteers can contribute in many ways, please see our current list of Volunteer Opportunities HERE.

    Group volunteering

    More and more NSW organisations are now seeking volunteering opportunities for their employees, with the increased interest being attributed to the following:

    • Growing awareness of corporate social responsibility;
    • Increasing publicity and government agendas around volunteering and social inclusion;
    • The need for professional and personal development opportunities for teams;
    • Increasing competition for qualified personnel with an associated focus on employment conditions;
    • Rising interest in becoming an employer of choice, ‘Hosting’ or sponsoring a lunch at Meals Plus is an ideal team‐building experience, catering for up to 10 volunteers.

    There is a cost involved in Group Volunteering at our Meals Plus Service, which covers the cost of the day and contributes to the running costs of Meals Plus. Meals Plus is a completely unfunded service. To find out more about our Meals Plus Program, please visit our webpage OR download an information sheet HERE

    Outline for a group volunteering day

    • 9am – Welcome and introduction to Meals Plus
    • 9.30am – Begin meal prep
    • 11.30am – Serve lunch to our Meals Plus visitors
    • 1pm – Lunch pack down and clean up
    • 1.15pm – Leave Meals Plus Service

    For further information or to book your place, please email volunteer@parramattamission.org.au

    School Education Programs

    Our School Education Program provides an exclusive opportunity for students to gain a deeper understanding into one of the most vital services at Parramatta Mission, Meals Plus. This will help students gain insight into issues facing people living around the streets of Greater Western Sydney and the way in which Parramatta Mission provides essential support within the community.

    The School Education Program can be divided into two session, with a fee of $500 GST included

    Session one:

    • An introduction to Parramatta Mission and its program (Meals Plus) by the coordinator (Paul)
    • A discussion on mental health, homelessness and addiction
    • A tour given by Paul around Meals Plus and learn further how Meals Plus supports people

    Session two:

    • Senior Minister/CEO Keith Hamilton to further discuss the work of Parramatta Mission’s wide services throughout Greater Western Sydney and the connection to the Church.

    For further information or to book your place, please email volunteer@parramattamission.org.au



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