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    Parramatta Mission relies on the generosity of the community to assist in the continuation of its community services. You can get involved and help in a variety of ways.

    Your IMPACT

    Your generosity contributes towards many areas of our Meals Plus service. Below is the impact on our community for the months of July and August 2022.

    Meals Served

    12,120 hot meals were served during our breakfast and lunch services at Meals Plus.

    Volunteer Hours

    1,761 hours spent by our kind-hearted community.

    Consortium Services

    – Housing
    – Centrelink
    – Vaccinations
    – Haircuts & Bra Fittings

    Food Hampers

    2,410 hampers with essentials for households.

    Showers & Laundry

    286 showers and loads of laundry for our visitors


    For more information on these, and other ways to assist, please contact fundraising@parramattamission.org.au



    Parramatta’s homeless offered temporary accommodation

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