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    The Centre for Faith and Public Issues stands inside the concerns of what is called a public theology.

    This discipline is designed:

    • to read the ‘signs of the times’;
    • contribute to public debates and seek out the common good;
    • nurture a civil society.

    It does so from the perspective of the Christian faith and its theology – that is, how we speak about matters to do with God. It enters into the public space as one voice among many. It seeks to listen and, at the same time, secure an invitation to speak.

    Many public issues today are dealt with in terms of politics, science, economics, technology. There is also a public relevance to Christian beliefs as well; the Centre longs to be in discussion with other disciplines, experts in their fields, and those who are on the receiving end of decision-making.

    The Centre sets out:

    • to hold forums and lectures;
    • to bring together peoples and ideas from different backgrounds;
    • to provide opinion pieces on matters of the moment.


    The Centre has already held public forums for candidates for state and federal elections (2019)

    The next event is ‘Is “Great” Good Enough?” READ MORE

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