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    Dear Supporters of Parramatta Mission (PM),

    I would like to introduce myself as the Executive General Manager of PM and convey to you my heartfelt appreciation of your engagement with and support for the work of PM.

    Whilst my current role has commenced in early July this year, in fact I have been with the organisation for two years now, having joined in August 2019 in the role of Director of Operations, with responsibility for the many community services provided by PM in many locations around the State of NSW. Within months of my arrival, it was determined that there was a need for major regenerative work in the organisation to achieve a sustainable and bright future in our mission of “transforming lives”.

    I was asked to take on the role of Chief Operating Officer to take on full operational responsibility for the organisation with the exception of the congregational life, in order to deliver the transformational plans that had been agreed. Once our Senior Minister/CEO Keith Hamilton departed, after a long period of leave, I was appointed as the Acting CEO, whilst ministry responsibilities were taken on by an interim ministry team. The comprehensive transformation was achieved successfully on 1st July this year and our government funded activities formally transitioned to Uniting, another part of UCA in NSW, and one of the largest not-for-profit providers in the country.

    It is not a common move in the not-for-profit world to eschew government funding and move in the opposite direction to become a fully self-funded organisation. Indeed many organisations begin with a passion for their mission and commence work as a voluntary body but decades or generations later they are, at least partially and in many cases totally, depending upon government funding, which has a tendency to impact negatively on the vitality of their calling. It is in this context that the “new” PM should be seen.

    This organisation has taken the brave step of becoming fully self-funded through donations, supporter benevolence, volunteering, and a small number of fee-for-service activities. We continue our hospitality services of Meals Plus, seeking to minister in a local context to the homeless or those at risk of homelessness. We provide meals and supportive care, directing clients to assistive agencies and providing showers and laundry facilities. We also continue to provide accommodation services at 175 Hotel and Wesley Apartments in association with Westmead Hospital and Westmead Kids hospitals respectively.

    These changes enable PM to engage locally with the LGA and surrounding communities, to be part of a truly grass roots service ethos, guided by the tenets of our faith and seeking to do good in our part of the world, recognising the brokenness and difficult circumstances of many people around us.

    This new paradigm for PM has you, our supporters, as a key plank of our strategic future, we welcome you in, as volunteers, as donors, individual or corporate.

    Thank you for playing your part.

    Warm good wishes

    Mark Newton



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