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    Does my family/carer/friend come into this appointment?

    This is up to you – if you would like someone to come with you as a support person then they are welcome to come into the appointment. You can also come into the appointment alone. Some people even have their family member or friend come in for part of the appointment. We will be directed by you about what level of involvement you want at any given time.


    YESS is a voluntary service. Workers can only provide treatment to you if you give consent (this means your permission to receive treatment). This is something we will ask you about.

    • If you are under 16: talk with us about whether you can consent to treatment without parental permission as there are some instances where we may need your parents’ consent as well for you to access YESS services
    • If you are over 16: You can consent to YESS services without parent involvement, but we will discuss with you how you want to involve support people


    When a young person talks to a YESS worker, what you say is kept within the team and staff members who are involved in your care. We cannot pass on information about you without your permission. We may ask you to fill out a form to get your permission to speak to other people such as your doctor, school or other services that would help in your goals and treatment. However, this confidentiality is not absolute, and there are a number of specific situations in which confidentiality may need to be breached by the worker for duty of care reasons. These can include:

    • Immediate safety concerns
    • Mandatory reporting
    • Court subpoena


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