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    The Youth Enhanced Support Service (YESS) is an outreach program for young people aged 12-25 years who have, or are at risk of developing mental health concerns that impact their life. YESS provides mental health support, treatment, as well as case management. YESS welcomes people of all religious and spiritual beliefs, is LGBT+ friendly and culturally sensitive. 

    The innovative outreach model delivered in the primary care sector provides care to young people who do not necessarily think they need mental health care, but whose loved ones have seen significant functional decline. The service brings the care to young people, giving them the choice on where and how they are seen. 

    YESS is delivered across four regions of NSW; Western Sydney, Northern Sydney, South Western Sydney and Nepean Blue Mountains. 

    The YESS team can provide therapeutic intervention, psychiatry, assistance in education, job-seeking, life skills, social skills and housing. 


    YESS is an early intervention program that provides holistic care to young people with complex mental health issues, and their families. 

    Specifically the program provides: 

    • Mental health treatment 
    • Family and carer support services 
    • Continual engagement with the young person’s GP and/or health team
    • Employment assistance 
    • Peer work support 
    • Alcohol and other drug services 
    • Assistance for culturally and linguistically diverse communities 
    • Assistance for Aboriginal young people 

    Interpreter services are available on request. 


    YESS is a free service for people who meet the following criteria: 

    • Young people who live, work or go to school in the listed regions:
      • Northern Sydney
      • Western Sydney
      • Nepean Blue Mountains
      • South Western Sydney 
    • People aged 12 – 25 years
    • Presenting with, or at risk of, developing complex to severe mental health concerns 

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