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    In our rapidly growing city, we must come together to ensure that everyone is able to reach their potential. Together we are stronger.

    Parramatta Mission may look small amongst the growing cityscape, but the impact it has on the city’s most vulnerable people is huge.


    Every day, in Meals Plus, we serve over 200 meals to those most in need. These may be people experiencing homelessness, escaping family violence, or facing crisis and financial stress. Our service also offers access to showers and washing facilities, fresh food and pantry staples.

    As the city grows, so does the need.

    The recently released Anglicare Rental Affordability snapshot looks at those who are at risk or ‘near homeless’. It was determined that less than 1% of available rentals are affordable for those on a full-time minimum wage. For those on income support payments, the situation is even more bleak.

    And for those who do have accommodation, the cost of living and threat of rent rises or mortgage increases are always present.

    The number of people in crisis, or at risk of homelessness, is increasing. One in eight adults and one in six children are currently living in poverty, that’s over 3 million people in Australia. While many Australians juggle payments of bills, people living in poverty have to make difficult choices – such as skipping a meal to pay the rent, or switching off the heating to save money.

    A recent report on homelessness services shows a 26 percent increase in demand for homelessness services over the past three years, and a 50 percent increase in people who are seeking help after they’ve become homeless rather than when they are at risk. The same report showed that four in ten people who sought help from such organisations were employed yet unable to meet climbing rental prices. *

    Rental stress and the high cost of living, along with a severe lack of public and affordable housing, have led to an increase in the number of people coming to services like Meals Plus. A large number of people attending the service need support to remain living in their home or to avoid homelessness. “Average Australian households are in housing stress. Housing stress can push people into homelessness and put pressure on the services they turn to for help,” said Everybody’s Home spokesperson Maiy Azize in response to the ANZ CoreLogic Housing Affordability Report.

    We need your help to keep our doors open and serve those most in need. Please make a donation today.

    *A Safe Place to Call Home – Mission Australia’s Homelessness and Stable Housing Impact Report 2023

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