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    Parramatta Mission’s Meals Plus has been a place of HOPE in our community for over 50 years, providing meals, essentials and vital services to individuals and families who may be at risk of homelessness, facing food or economic insecurity, and those isolated or living with mental health issues.

    We want to continue to serve our community and to expand the ways in which we help, to empower and elevate even more lives.

    Your donation today, just like small seeds, will grow to cultivate real change by;

    1. Nourishing Our Community: Your donation will help us to continue to provide warm and nutritious meals to those who rely on us during these challenging times.
    2. Empowering Lives: Our programs equip individuals with the advice, tools and skills they need to regain their independence and build a brighter future by bringing vital services directly to those who need them at our community hub days and providing pathways for growth.
    3. Growing Opportunities: Your contribution will enable us to expand our Elevate program through employment and education initiatives, giving those we serve the chance to learn, work, and grow.

    Thank you for your generous donation, especially at this time of year – when we feel the pressures of the year-end and hope to strive towards better things in the next.

    Your gift will ensure that we can continue to meet the needs of our guests and help them to obtain their dreams too.

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