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    Sonya came to Meals Plus not long ago, having faced unimaginable challenges over the past two years. Homeless and struggling, fleeing domestic violence, Sonya’s situation was made even more
    heart-wrenching by the fact that she had now lost all her personal documents while sleeping at Parramatta station.

    Despite the odds stacked against her, Sonya had two powerful reasons to keep pushing forward: her two children, who were in foster care, and her determination to overcome her own struggles with mental health issues.

    After just a few visits for a meal and a place to shower, Sonya’s decision to reach out to a case worker in Meals Plus has sown the seeds for her own journey of hope. She was provided temporary accommodation, a vital step towards stability and a chance to regain her footing. With this secure base, she was able to focus on her mental health, now being addressed by professionals who cared for her well-being.

    Through one of our Elevate partners, we were able to provide another lifeline – a phone and data plan and a new birth certificate. With a working phone and access to data, Sonya could now stay connected with vital support services and the people who cared about her and regain her lost documents.

    Sonya’s journey continues as she is now able to engage with social services and housing programs, determined to create a stable environment for her family. She hopes to soon participate in our education and employment program and find a job, another goal that seemed out of reach not long ago.

    Sonya’s resilience shines brighter each day she visits Meals Plus, making friends and forming connections with other guests, reporting on her achievements, and talking about hopes for her future. Sonya’s story serves as a reminder of the profound impact that a meal and a simple act of kindness can have on someone’s life.

    Today, as Sonya continues to work tirelessly towards her goals, she does so with renewed hope and a stronger sense of purpose. She knows that the road ahead may still be challenging, but with the support she has received and her ever-growing confidence, she is on her way to being able to create a safe and loving home for her children once again.

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