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    How can my congregation help?

    Donate Socks ‘n’ Undies to help those in need!

    Congregations often approach us wanting to assist in practical and meaningful ways. Parramatta Mission provides essential services to those who may be homeless, at risk of homelessness or facing crisis (often financial).

    When Wesley Uniting Church Castle Hill wanted to do something to assist Parramatta Mission, they came up with the idea of Socks ‘n’ Undie Sundie.

    The campaign was a huge success… please watch their video, about how they organised their collection and how items they collected will be used to assist vulnerable people.

    Many of those who come to Parramatta Mission for assistance have few or no possessions. We provide a friendly face, a warm meal, toiletries and basic items, as well as assistance in accessing other essential services including accommodation and welfare support.

    A pair of warm socks and some clean underwear may seem like a small thing – something most of us take for granted every day. But for someone who may be struggling they provide comfort and dignity during a difficult time.

    With all the challenges of getting out to purchase items and deliver them to your church we are making it easier for you to support – you can make a donation below to purchase items for those in need.

    If your congregation would like to hold a Socks ‘n’ Undies Sundie you can use this page to help promote your event. Or maybe you have your own idea for a fundraiser that we can assist you with?

    Please contact davyn.debruyn@parramattamission.org.au to discuss how we can work together.

    Together we can make a big difference.

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    You wake suddenly, it’s so cold! But the heating costs too much and you just can’t afford it. Since you lost your job, savings have gone and you don’t know if you can make the rent payment this week. You listen…. it’s raining, and the underwear you rinsed to wear today is now wet outside…. why is everything so hard?
    Out of bed you find yesterdays underwear and a pair of socks worn through with holes. Someone told you about a place that you can go to get help.
    Arriving at Meals Plus you are greeted by smiling faces, a warm meal and some food and essentials are offered for you to take with you. You will be able to eat for a few days and in the bag are some underwear and nice thick socks! The staff at Meals Plus start a conversation and you tell them what has been happening. Paul offers to help you make some calls and contact Centrelink to see what can be done about your finances and rent until you can get back on your feet.
    With your stomach full and some food to get you by, you promise to return tomorrow to follow up with Paul, along with warm feet and hope in your heart

    Comfort and Dignity

    Socks 'n' Undies for one

    Socks 'n' Undies for a couple

    Socks 'n' Undies for a family


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