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    The Rich Person Poor Person event was held on March 30th.

    The event was an invitation to our community of corporates and supporters to experience a dinner with a difference. Each guest was allocated – by chance draw, to experience their evening from the perspective of either a “rich” person, or a “poor” person. We then discussed how the experience had affected participants – feelings of guilt were common, but General Manager Davyn de Bruyn spoke about what we must actually focus on – positivity and the sense of feeling grateful. Grateful to be rich (not necessarily in monetary terms) and that we all have the opportunity to help those who need it most. There is also gratefulness in the simple act of sharing a meal and knowing you are part of a supported community like Meals Plus.

    Our aim was to raise the funds necessary to launch the extension of our “Plus” services in Meals Plus. Money raised will go towards breaking the cycle of homelessness and poverty for members of our community by assisting them through a specialised program that includes living skills, education and employment training. 

    Our program will provide education, skills and intensive wrap-around services for those who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness. We know that providing a roof over someone’s head is often not enough, as they may be unable to maintain this without the skills and support structures required. The aim of the program is to support individuals on their journey to a safe, secure and positive future.

    We do this by addressing these strategies for preventing and ending homelessness (some of which are already implemented in our service):

    1. Providing access to food and essentials, as well as services to intervene early and prevent homelessness. This is being done through the provision of outreach workers onsite every day in Meals Plus to provide housing assistance and referrals.

    2. Improving and expanding services which aim to end homelessness for clients. Meals Plus will act as a conduit to connect and integrate the services required to achieve sustainable housing, improve social and economic participation and maintain this for the long term. This is currently being done through a Community Hub Day which brings community services and government programs onsite to deliver outreach to our visitors once a month.

    3. Breaking the Cycle and ensuring long term success by providing education programs in language, health and nutrition, employment skills and general wellbeing. Participants in these programs will be case managed, provided one on one guidance and assisted to make sure they are able to attend and complete courses for more meaningful and long lasting positive impact.

    With your help we can continue to Transform Lives, to provide Hope to those who come to us for help and to give opportunity for everyone in our community to be their best.

    The night was extraordinary, our generous attendees contributing in raising $49,821!

    But, we need your help to raise the additional $20,179 that will allow us to begin transforming the lives of more people in our community.

    The rising cost of living and housing stress is putting pressure on more and more people. Your donation will ensure that we can assist those individuals to obtain employment, learn skills and participate actively in their community.

    Please donate generously, knowing you will be making a real difference in the lives of others.

    Thank you for your support and for being a part of a Community Transforming Lives, we look forward to implementing the program and sharing the stories of its success with you.

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