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    Response to incident in Christchurch on 16 March 2019

    On Sunday, 17 March 2019, Parramatta Mission remembered brothers and sisters in Christchurch. A table was set up at Parramatta Mission and people were able to light a candle and join others in solidarity with the people of Christchurch.

    Neil El-kadomi, President of the Parramatta Mosque, attended and spoke. The lighting of candles served as a commitment of solidarity, and commitment to work for peace.

    Some of the messages received  :

    • Kia Kaha, our brothers and sisters in Christchurch
    • Our sincere condolences, stay strong during this sad time
    • Love is stronger than hate. Live Love !
    • Your tears are ours; love conquers all
    • Prayers coming your way, may God bless our Kiwi brothers and sisters
    • Our heartfelt condolences for our Muslim brothers and sisters in God
    • Peace to you and your family in time of grief. God be with you.
    • May God and his son Jesus Christ bless and look after the people of New Zealand and comfort them in this time of need

    Below is a prayer by Walter Brueggemann, A way other than our own, used at Parramatta Mission today:

    Gathering God, draw us out beyond our cramped circles of care. Draw us toward the neighbour, the other, the outsider, the hurting one. May we practice compassion. Amen.

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