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Your NDIS Service Agreement

How does the NDIS and this Agreement work?

Where possible a copy of the Participant’s NDIS plan may be attached to their Service Agreement. The Parties agree that this Service Agreement is made in the context of the NDIS, which is a scheme that aims to:

  • support the independence and social and economic participation of people with disability, and
  • enable people with a disability to exercise choice and control in the pursuit of their goals and the planning and delivery of their supports

How is my Service Agreement Renewed?

The Service Agreement may be renewed by the parties on or before the termination date of the existing Service Agreement. Renewal of the Service Agreement must be agreed in writing by both parties (the Participant/Participant’s Nominee and the Parramatta Mission).

How do you change the “Schedule of Supports” provided under your Agreement – either every now and then or permanently?

The Participant and Parramatta Mission may agree on ad-hoc changes to the schedule of supports from time to time subject to Parramatta Mission being able to meet such changes at short notice.

The Participant and Parramatta Mission may vary the Service Agreement to accord with any change to the Participant’s NDIS plan.

Any variation must be agreed in writing after consultation between the Participant and Parramatta Mission and will apply no earlier than 7 days after the agreed date of variation.

Where there are frequent changes either the Participant or Parramatta Mission can request a review of the Schedule of Supports.

How is your privacy and confidentiality maintained?

Parramatta Mission respects and upholds your rights to privacy protection in accordance with the privacy provisions in the Privacy Act, 1988 (Commonwealth), Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act, 1998 (NSW) and Health Records and Information Privacy Act, 2002 (NSW). [Extracted from our attached Privacy Brochure]

In addition, Parramatta Mission is committed to protect the Participant’s privacy and confidential information; it operates in accordance with the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 and rules.

How do you end a Service Agreement?

Should either party wish to end the Service Agreement, we both agree to give 4 weeks’ notice. If either party fails to meet their responsibilities or the terms set out in this agreement or where there is a risk to the safety of staff or the Participant, then the requirement of notice will be waived.

How do you give us Feedback, complaints and disputes?

You can give us your feedback through RED portal at https://www.parramattamission.org.au/red

Can I also contact the NDIS?

Yes you can also contact the National Disability Insurance Agency by calling 1800 800 110, visit one of their offices in person, or visit ndis.gov.au for further information.

What is GST: Goods and services tax?

For the purpose of GST legislation, the Parties confirm that:

  • a supply of supports under this Service Agreement is a supply of one or more of the reasonable and necessary supports specified in the statement included, under subsection 33(2) of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 (NDIS Act), in the Participant’s NDIS plan currently in affect under section 37 of the NDIS Act. The Participant’s NDIS plan is expected to remain in effect during the period the supports are provided; and
  • The [Participant / Participant’s Nominee] will immediately notify Parramatta Mission if the Participant’s NDIS Plan is replaced by a new plan or the Participant stops being a participant of the NDIS.

What do some words mean in your agreement: Glossary of Terms – NDIS Service Agreement?

  • Participant: A person who has accessed the NDIS and has an Individualised Plan with funding attached
  • Service Provider: The term used to describe an individual or organisation that delivers a support or a product to a participant of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). In this case, Parramatta Mission is Parramatta Mission
  • Participant’s Nominee:
    • Correspondence Nominee: A Correspondence nominee can undertake all activities that a participant would undertake, except for:
      • the preparation, review or replacement of the participant’s plan; and/or
      • management of the funding for supports in the participant’s plan
    • Plan Nominee: A plan nominee can undertake all activities that a participant would undertake under the Scheme including:
      • the preparation, review or replacement of the participant’s plan, and/or
      • management of the funding for supports in the participant’s plan
  • Self-Manage: Participant manages the funding for their supports or a nominee does this on their behalf. This nominee might be a member of family, a friend, or carer. The NDIS will give the Participant or nominee money to pay for supports in the plan.
  • Registered Plan Management Provider (RPMP): A registered plan management Provider can manage some, or all, of the funding for supports. They can:
    • find and organise supports
    • pay Parramatta Missions and process expense claims
    • complete paperwork and keep records
    • work with supplies to decide how and when supports are provided
    • increase the Participant’s skills so they can have more control over their plan in the future
  • NDIA: National Disability Insurance Agency
  • NDIS: National Disability Insurance Scheme
  • NDIS Plan: An individual plan which sets out the Participant’s goals and aspirations, the disability supports (services and products) that will be funded by the NDIS, and other supports the person requires
  • Supports: A Service or Product
  • Schedule of Support: Support items to be provided with detailed description of support, unit of measure, price and how it will be delivered
  • Cluster: Groupings of similar support items
  • Guardian: A person who has been appointed by a court, board or panel who has power to make decisions for the participant
  • Cancellation: To decide or announce that a planned event will not take place
  • No Show: Where a Participant fails without notice to keep the scheduled appointment for the support
  • Notice Period: Defined time period notification to allow preparations/changes to be made
  • Service Agreement: A written agreement between Parramatta Mission and Participant – outlines responsibilities and obligations of each party, Supports to be provided and how delivered, how to resolve problems that may arise and when and how the agreement will be reviewed.
  • ACL: Australian Consumer Law

What is your Cancellation Statement?

Under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), you have certain rights to cancel a Service (known as Support):

  • If you know you will not require ‘a support ‘as per your Schedule of Supports, you must provide Parramatta Mission with a reasonable-notice, which is before 3pm the day before the service.
  • If an emergency arises and you do not require all or part of your supports, you must notify your Parramatta Mission’s representative as soon as possible on the contact numbers as per Schedule 1 of the Service Agreement. Please note Parramatta Mission may make a claim ‘for cancellation’, refer to ‘Cancellation and No-Show Policy – Special Circumstances Regarding Cancellation Charges’.
  • Ad-Hoc changes to the Schedule of Supports can be made with at least a 7 days’ notice period.
  • The Schedule of Supports can be temporarily suspended upon receipt of a request with a 7 day notice period. (see Service Agreement – Review or Changes to Schedule of Supports)
  • Schedule of Supports can be cancelled by either the participant/participant nominee or Parramatta Mission if there has been a serious breach only in accordance with the Agreement (see Service Agreement-Feedback, Complaints and Disputes).
  • The NDIS Service Agreement can be cancelled by either party with one months’ notice in writing only in accordance with this agreement (see Service Agreement-Ending of Service).

Please note:  if cancellation of supports is not received within the notice period Parramatta Mission may make a claim.

Under the ACL, in the event that Parramatta Mission fails to supply a support due to its own default, then it shall not make a claim for that support. The Participant/Participant’s nominee shall be entitled to require Parramatta Mission to re-supply the support. If the Participant/Participant’s Nominee arranges alternative support, the alternative Provider shall be entitled to claim. The Participant shall not be entitled to make any claim on the initial Provider in this event.

Please contact us if you have any further questions in regards to your service agreement or anything else.

You can download a copy of our NDIS Services Agreement V1.33 December 2019

You can download our Cancellation and NoShow Policy

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