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    Parramatta Mission has been dedicated to assisting the homeless, most vulnerable and disadvantaged in the community for over 50 years. Our Meals Plus service in the heart of Parramatta opens its doors each day to individuals and families from all walks of life who may be facing crisis or hardship in regard to housing, food, mental and physical health, and those requiring other necessities.


    Meals Plus is where people who may be experiencing homelessness, facing crisis, living with mental health issues or facing isolation and disadvantage can come to find assistance. The service is open during the day and provides breakfast and lunch Monday to Friday. Throughout the week, approximately 250 meals are served each day to those in need without a cost. We also provide food parcels, essentials and hygiene care products to struggling individuals and families, and additional onsite services including clothing washing facilities and showers.

    Each day we fulfil our purpose of being a Community Transforming Lives, in big ways and in small.



    By providing meals, food and essentials as well as access to vital services through Meals Plus, we can ease some of the stress that people are currently facing. And by opening our doors and welcoming all we can provide a safe space for those who may feel like they have nowhere else to go.



    You are a valuable part of the Parramatta community. We need your help so we can continue to help the increasing number of people who attend our services looking for assistance, allowing those who are most vulnerable to find strength in the Meals Plus community.

    With your help we can continue to Transform Lives, to provide Hope to those who come to us for help and to give opportunity for everyone in our community to be their best.

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