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    Partners in Recovery (PIR) is a coordinated support program for adults with significant mental illness, connecting them to mental health services and providers, as well as coordinating multiple support services such as physical health, mental health, employment, housing or law.


    PIR is funded by the Commonwealth Government and aims to better support consumers with severe and persistent mental illness, their carers and families, by getting multiple sectors, services and supports they may come into contact with (and could benefit from) to work in a more collaborative, coordinated, and integrated way.

    Parramatta Mission works with other organisations on collective ownership and encourages innovative solutions to ensure effective and timely access to the services. We support consumers with severe and persistent mental illness, and with complex needs, to sustain optimal health and wellbeing. The ultimate objective of PIR is to improve how the health and community service sectors assist people with severe and persistent mental illness by:

    • facilitating better coordination of clinical and support services to deliver assistance individually tailored to each consumer’s needs
    • strengthening partnerships and building better links between various clinical and community support organisations in the mental health sector
    • improving referral pathways that facilitate access to the range of services and supports needed by consumers
    • promoting community-based recovery models

    PIR and the National Disability Insurance Scheme

    From 1st July 2016, Western Sydney Partners in Recovery began the process of transitioning current clients onto the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) to assess their eligibility for access to the Scheme.

    NDIS Fact Sheet (link to PM NDIS page)

    Psychosocial disability, recovery and the NDIS

    To ensure service continuity during transition and to support client transition to the NDIS, the Australian government has extended PIR to 30th June 2019. Those PIR clients deemed ineligible for the NDIS will continue to receive PIR care coordination support under Continuity of Support (CoS) arrangements.


    Parramatta Mission is part of PIR consortia, assisting consumers with mental health issues based in Western Sydney, Nepean-Blue Mountains, NSW Central Coast, and across Northern Sydney.


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