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    HASI is a collaborative partnership program between clinical care provided by Hunter New England Mental Health (HNEMH) and psychosocial supports provided by Community Managed Organisations (CMOs) such as Parramatta Mission. HASI is designed to support individuals with a persistent and severe mental illness live independently and maintain stable housing. Supports are provided via a ‘flexible hours’ approach whereby consumers are provided varied levels of support determined by the individuals current needs. Supports provided may include:

    • Assistance with daily living skills including self-care, personal hygiene, cleaning, shopping,
      cooking and transport
    • Support provided within inpatient units to
      prepare for discharge and ensure a smooth
      transition to community living,
    • Attending appointments and complying with medication
      requirements and other aspects of clinical care.
    • Supporting in maintaining tenancies or finding
      suitable accommodation;
    • And support participating in social, leisure and recreation

    Eligibility to receive HASI supports includes having a severe and persistent mental illness, being aged 16 and over, experiencing significant psychosocial disability that impacts day to day functioning, and a willingness and desire to receive supports. Referrals to HASI program may be completed by visiting the Community Partners and HNEMH Collaborative Space, or by contacting the below relevant Rehabilitation Coordinator.

    Please contact the relevant person from HNEMH below in your area:
    Megan Turrell – Rehabilitation Coordinator (Hunter): 40335108
    Susan Rodger – Rehabilitation Coordinator (Manning): 65396300
    Celia Halliburton – Rehabilitation Coordinator (Tablelands): 6776 9600
    Tiffany Cotton – Rehabilitation Coordinator (Peel): 67677926
    Dottie Le Roux – Rehabilitation Coordinator (Mehi): 67570222

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