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    Central Coast Community Living Supports (CLS) is a recovery oriented, non-clinical psychosocial support program geographically covering the CCLHD region.

    The program operates 365 days per year. The program is completely voluntary and support is driven by the needs and input of the consumer.

    To be eligible for Community Living Supports you must:

    • Be willing to participate in the program
    • Be over the age of 16
    • Have a primary diagnosis of severe mental illness
    • Live in the geographical region of the Central Coast
    • Be engaged with some form of LHD Clinical Case Management

    The priority group for the program will be consumers who require 5+ hours of support per day.

    Allocation and Types of Support:

    CLS allocates support in the form of hours rather than set packages. Hours are allocated to consumers based on their projected need, this allocation can change rapidly and is designed to reflect the nature of recovery as consumers will need differing levels of support throughout their journey.

    The support provided by Community Living Supports is very similar to what is traditionally offered by other psychosocial support programs such as Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative (HASI) and Personal Helpers & Mentors Program (PHAMS). Consumers are encouraged and supported to develop an individual goal plan (ISP) in collaboration with support workers.  The goal plan will have a focus on capacity building and independence.


     CLS operates in partnership with several key stakeholders:

    • NSW Health
    • NSW Corrections
    • FACS Housing
    Open Hours
    Mon 8am - 8pm
    Tue 8am - 8pm
    Wed 8am - 8pm
    Thu 8am - 8pm
    Fri 8am - 8pm
    Sat 12pm - 8pm
    Sun 12pm - 8pm

    Contact Us

    CLS can assist with (but not limited to):

    • Learning new skills
    • Building a support network
    • Learning self-care skills and strategies
    • Building/maintaining social connections
    • Building routine
    • Support with daily living skills
    • Remembering appointments
    • Remembering medication
    • Travel training
    • Advocacy
    • Finding employment
    • Nicotine, alcohol or other drug cessation
    • Hospital to home transitions
    • Correctional facility to home transitions.
    • Support with accessing NDIS

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