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    Parramatta Mission offers community-managed programs and services within the area of Mental Health. We are largely funded by the Commonwealth and NSW governments and we work to assist:

    • people living with mental illness
    • family members or carers of people with mental illness
    • young people
    • those living in crisis (e.g. financial or emotional crisis)
    • vulnerable communities or groups.

    With more than 40 years’ experience helping people, our aim is to be part of the communities in which we operate. We support people to lead fulfilling and independent lives by delivering services, education and training, which are person-centered and recovery-focused.

    Our Commitment

    Our Commitment

    • In everything we do, Parramatta Mission will:
    • focus on those we service – our consumers
    • uphold the dignity, respect and worth or every consumer
    • deliver best practice in community services
    • employ teams of trained, dedicated service professionals
    • deliver services that are guided and directed by clear policies, procedures and principles
    • apply our recovery model/framework in all services.

    Vision, Mission & Values


    The vision of Parramatta Mission is: “a community transforming lives.”


    The mission of Parramatta Mission’s mental health services is to provide community and mental health-related services, including training, learning and development, to:

    • people with a lived experience of mental illness,
    • carers or family members of people with mental illness
    • the disadvantaged,
    • people in need, and
    • the community at large.

    We provide assistance to our consumers by applying a person-centred approach that upholds the dignity of the individual, recognises the autonomy of the individual and believes in hope. We provide crisis-support and ongoing assistance to individuals, when it is required and in the appropriate manner. We raise community awareness of the consequences of mental illness, and highlight ways in which all people can live to their full potential.


    Our services are delivered in accordance with our organisational values, which are grace, inclusion, dignity, faith and hope.


    Recovery Framework

    Recovery is what our organisation is about. All of our services are delivered within our Recovery Framework. This framework recognises the individuality of every person we work with and emphasises the importance of empowering consumers to direct their own recovery journey.

    Every member of our staff has a role to play in delivery of the recovery model. Our aim is to assist each consumer to reach personal goals in a way of their choosing. This is achieved, in part, through inclusion, acceptance and by instilling hope.

    Annual Report

    Each year Parramatta Mission produces a comprehensive Annual Report, including Financial Statements and a summarised version called the Annual Review.

    Click here to view, download, save the latest annual review.

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