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    Parrahouse Youth Crisis Refuge provides a safe and caring environment for homeless young people aged 16-17 years. Situated in a suburban home, our residents are encouraged to focus on their education and basic living skills, as well as enjoying recreational activities.

    We provide support and case management, giving young people the opportunity to address their issues (such as accommodation, finances, physical health, mental health, addictions, relationships and education) and progress their lives in a positive way. We connect them with specialist support services when required. We also help homeless teenagers assess their situation and reconnect with their parental home if it is appropriate. We help homeless young people find long term alternatives to home if they are at risk.

    For young people 18 and over accommodation is provided at our Koompartoo Crisis Service. From there, young people transition into independent accommodation via our Transitional housing program, run in partnership with Evolve Housing for Youth

    Facts & Figures

    ·         A safe house for approximately 62 young people each year
    ·         Ten beds are available 24/7 (combined with the Supervised After Hours Program)
    ·         Young people can stay for up to three months
    ·         The average length of stay is 34 days

    Contact Information & Referral

    Referrals can be made by telephoning our youth hub (02) 8880-8222 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Parrahouse does not maintain a waiting list; however we can provide support to find alternate accommodation when Parrahouse is unable to accommodate a young person.

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