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    Koompartoo provides young people aged 18-24 years with supported accommodation. The majority of young people accommodated in the Koompartoo program have exited higher level support services and many have never lived independently before. We assist residents gain the skills to successfully maintain a lease in the private rental market. They are also given assistance in job seeking, obtaining and maintaining educational placement and life skills.

    Youth Crisis Accommodation

    This program operates across the Parramatta and Cumberland LGA’s and is a partnership with Evolve Housing for Youth and supported by our property management group.


    Referrals can be made via the Youth Hub (02) 8880-8222
    Facts & Figures

    ·         Koompartoo is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘new beginnings’
    ·         On average, 89% of the young people residing at Koompartoo move on to independent, secure housing
    ·         The average age of the young people entering Koompartoo is 19 years


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