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    Thelma Brown Cottage is an accommodation program for women and their children escaping domestic and family violence. It consists of eight furnished two bedroom apartments. Each apartment can accommodate women with up to five children each and additional infants.

    We work collaboratively with other services to help clients seek accommodation and independence through:

    ·         Assistance to find suitable, stable accommodation in either public or private housing
    ·         Emotional support, counselling, psychological and psychiatric services
    ·         Transport assistance
    ·         Legal and court support
    ·         Advice and information
    ·         Helping to overcome substance addiction
    ·         Domestic violence and relationships counselling
    ·         Financial assistance and material aid including meals.

    Thelma Brown Cottage provides vital early intervention for children, giving them and their mothers the safety and support they need to live lives free of violence

    Sadly, demand for services such as Thelma Brown Cottage outweighs our capacity to supply. Parramatta Mission accommodates less than half of the women requesting assistance. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

    Facts & Figures

    ·         Thelma Brown Cottage opened in 2003
    ·         The Cottage provides accommodation and support to approximately 50 women and 100 children each year

    Contact Information & Referral

    To learn more about Thelma Brown Cottage or for referral, please contact (02) 9891 2277 or email wecare@parramattamission.org.au.


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