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    Lifeline Western Sydney


    Lifeline Western Sydney is accredited by Lifeline Australia to provide a 24/7 crisis telephone services.

    How We Help

    We provide a 24 hour, 7 day a week crisis telephone service and answer over 50,000 crisis calls per year, from people of all ages who are in crisis due to a range of issues.

    Who We Help

    We offer assistance to people of all ages, who are facing issues such as mental illness, suicidal thoughts, disability, addiction or domestic violence. On average, we answer more than 6,000 calls each month.

    Working for LifeLine Western Sydney

    This service would not be possible without our friendly, caring team of dedicated volunteers.

    Prior to working for Lifeline Western Sydney, volunteers must be accredited. Volunteers complete Lifeline Training course, which includes a practical component. We then ask for an ongoing commitment of fortnightly, 4 hour shifts (at a time to suit you) to Lifeline Western Sydney, for a period of at least 12 months.

    Lifeline Volunteer Enquiry

    How you can help?

    Donations to Lifeline Western Sydney will help us to be able to fund training for for volunteers and assist in the operation of out 24 hour call centre. Please DONATE HERE

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