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    Could you give a mother somewhere safe to go?

    This is Susan*.

    We first met Susan when she came to our Thelma Brown refuge with her two young children.  She arrived with nothing. No clothes, no food, no money, not even a favourite toy for her children. She’d finally found the courage to leave her abusive husband, but she couldn’t imagine what her future looked like without him.

    Like most of the women we support, Susan never imagined she’d find herself needing our help.

    When Susan met her husband, John, she had no idea what lay ahead. He was charming and exciting. They quickly got married and had their first child.

    Soon after he suggested they move away to be closer to his parents. Susan didn’t want to leave her family and friends, but he was insistent she needed help with childcare.

    After the birth of their second child, John’s verbal abuse turned physical.

    Over the next four years, Susan’s situation became unbearable.

    John would often scream and blame Susan for everything that went wrong. She also endured constant criticism from her mother-in-law, who told Susan she was a bad wife and a terrible mother.

    When Susan finally escaped, her self-confidence was at rock bottom.

    Because of the kindness of people like you, Susan was able to get the support she needed to turn her life around.

    We gave her somewhere safe to stay and the help she needed to gain independence for herself and her children.  She finally had access to her own money and the confidence to make her own choices.

    Sadly, Susan is not alone. Around 17% of women will experience violence at the hands of their partner in Australia each year. It’s a shocking number. But with your help, we will be there to help support abused women who may have nowhere else to go.

    Abusive behaviour may begin with something small.  Each individual event might be easy to dismiss, but it’s the start of a calculated plan to destroy a woman’s confidence and isolate her from friends and family.

    Please, show your support today for women like Susan escaping violence and abuse.

    *Susan freely shared his story with us but we changed all names to protect her identity

    Your support would mean so much. How far could your donation go to help people just like Susan?

    Gives a mother and her children a food voucher for emergency items

    Provides basic household items for a mother and her children

    Pays for accommodation for a family escaping domestic violence

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