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    The Synod (NSW/ACT) of the Uniting Church in Australia issued a landmark recommendation on Wednesday 18 March regarding the cessation of all gatherings, including worship services, due to the spread of COVID-19. The congregations of Parramatta Mission are complying with this recommendation in the interests of public health and safety – and due to our strong investment as a denomination in upholding the “common good.” As a result, Leigh Memorial Church will be closed this Sunday 22 March and all Sundays (and other days) until further notice and all congregation gatherings are now suspended. Many, creative ideas are currently being formulated for alternative approaches to worship, music and bible studies, plus the provision of resources in formats for those without computer access. We will keep everyone posted as these are organised and look forward to journeying with you & maintaining our caring bonds as a congregation throughout these challenging times – Rev. Manas and the Leigh Memorial Leaders: Bruce, Liz, Fiona, Samantha, Moses & Anand.



    Loving God, we thank you for this beautiful day when you have gathered us as a family to worship you. O God, when we look around and see the beautiful planet that you created for us we thank you for this world, the plants, flowers and fruits; the animals big and small; the children, the young people and the older; the joy of celebrations of life’s special moments – welcoming new life, graduation, starting a new job, marriage and even times of rest, relaxation and recreation.

    Lord God, in the church of Christ as we celebrate this time as the season of Epiphany may we begin to see you revealed to us in a new way – in nature, in people – all people not just our loved ones and friends but even those from whom we distance ourselves – the poor, the marginalized, the refugees, even those we think as our enemies. May we in this season of Epiphany grow in our relationship with you as followers of Christ; in our relationship with one another and in relationship with this planet. Open our hearts to receive your grace to grow in love in all these relationships. Help us to trust in your creative process in our lives.

    As we worship you, prepare us, O God, to become better disciples, responsible citizens and faithful stewards of this world. Help us to place our trust in you, so that when we are serving others, they may come to know your abiding love and power in and through us.

    Praise and adoration, glory and honour be to you, O God the Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer now and forever. Amen.

    Jonah 3. 1-5, 10 & Mark 1. 14-20 (LMC 21.1.18.) – click here to read

    Our Worship

    Let us build a house
    where love can dwell
    And all can safely live,
    All are welcome, all are welcome,
    All are welcome in this place.
    (c). Marty Haugen.

    For a performance of this hymn, (click below)

    Our pattern of worship is designed to “give worth” to God, address issues of the day and inspire those who gather to live out their everyday lives in the Spirit of Christ.

    Our hope is for our worship to be relevant and inclusive of the diverse cultures which make up our congregation.

    For an explanation on what happens and why during a service of worship CLICK HERE

    There are several different styles of worship on offer at Leigh Memorial.  We recognize that some people prefer traditional hymns and good preaching while others hanker after more contemporary music and an interactive service.

    For a description of the shape of the Sunday and Tuesday services, CLICK HERE.

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    Worship Times


    9:30 am.   Sunday Morning Worship @ Leigh.
    7.00 pm:   Prayer, Praise and Discussion in our ‘Coffee Shop’.


    1.10pm:   Holy Communion and Healing Service (20 minute lunchtime service).

    Open Church

    Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm our church is open for personal prayer and reflection.

    Looking for ‘Suggestions for Personal Reflection’? CLICK HERE

    Special Services

    From time to time there are special services which occur on different days, dates and at different times.

    Upcoming Services

    Special event notices on their way!

    Orders of Service

    It is not always possible to go to church on Sunday.
    Some of our members are not well or are unable to leave their places of residence.
    Sometimes we have a conflict of responsibilities and we can’t make it to church.
    Here we are providing you with orders of service which will allow you to “join” with us! You can see what we sang, what we prayed, and what was read.
    CLICK HERE for the orders of service for previous Sundays (Available soon)


    CLICK HERE for copies of the previous sermons (Available soon)


    Leigh Memorial celebrates a variety of music – from the contemporary to traditional via our lively Music Praise Team and the beautiful tones of our heritage-listed organ.

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