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    The Leigh Memorial congregation is a multicultural, English-speaking congregation that worships in the heart of Parramatta and is part of the Parramatta City Uniting Church (comprised of Uniting Church congregations located at Parramatta, Westmead and Northmead-North Parramatta). The Leigh Memorial congregation gathers for worship on Sunday mornings at 9.30am. Our worship times are also live-streamed via Zoom. Sometimes we have a different time, style or place for worship, and this is always notified in advance through our congregation newsletters – which are posted to the website prior to each weekend. A pre-recorded online Parramatta City Uniting Church service is also available on a weekly basis (connection details in the newsletter). New members and visitors are welcome to join us in-person, via Zoom or online!  NB: As we continue to negotiate our way through the long term challenges of the pandemic era, we stand firmly with our congregations and communities, and extend our warmest support and prayers to all. The health and safety of our members, visitors and the broader community is at the foremost of our planning and response, and we continue to operate within the recommended guidelines.

    Further enquiries are welcome via the Parramatta Mission office: 9891-2277 or our congregation’s email: LeighMemorialUniting@gmail.com



    Prayers of the People:

    We pray for those who enlighten us to our own lack of vision, truth-tellers who tug at our conscience and call us to be more aware, to notice the overlooked and to pay attention to those who are excluded.

    We pray for those who step up and call out unjust group thinking, who shine light onto entrenched unjustified prejudices that have long been kept silent, and who do the hard work of breaking them open and dismantling them.

    We pray for those who call us to acts of courageous compassion, to not be intimidated into thinking change is not possible, and who urge us to hold on to the vision of what the realm of God can look like.

    We give thanks for those who use their opportunity and advantage to benefit the whole of creation, who refuse to give up on the earth, who respond to its needs, and who generate new ways to care for and live in with harmony with it.

    We pray that we might all seek to live faithfully and in peace with one another – overlooking our differences, celebrating our similarities, and nurturing our connections.


    (Words of Worship)


    Jonah 3: 1 – 5, 10 & Mark 1: 14 – 20 Click HERE to read


    Let us build a house
    where love can dwell
    And all can safely live,

    All are welcome, all are welcome,
    All are welcome in this place.

    © Marty Haugen.

    Our pattern of worship is designed to “give worth” to God, address issues of the day and inspire those who gather to live out their everyday lives in the Spirit of Christ. Our hope is for our worship time to be relevant and inclusive of the diverse people who make up our congregation and community. In our ‘Never Been to Church’ section, you will find a link to what happens and why during a typical service of worship. There are several different styles of worship on offer at Leigh Memorial. We recognize that some people prefer traditional approaches, while others enjoy more contemporary expressions of music and worship.



    9:30 am:  Sunday Morning Worship

    Orders of Service

    It is not always possible to go to church on Sunday. Some of our members are not well, or are unable to leave their places of residence. Sometimes we have logistical challenges and can’t make it to church. In our ‘Welcome to Leigh Memorial Uniting Church’ section, there is a link to Orders of Service and other online resources that can be helpful under these circumstances.


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