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    Never Been to Church Before

    It can be very daunting to come to a church for the first time ever – or for the first time in a long time.

    It can be especially daunting if you have been “hurt” or maybe even “abused” by the church in the past.

    At Leigh Memorial – we will make you feel accepted and welcome.

    Our church, the Uniting Church in Australia, believes that its congregations are a “pilgrim people” who are “on the way.” In other words – we are all on a ‘journey’ together.

    We recognize that entering a church often involves more than simply going through a door. The Christian faith is expressed through a story-line which is, in some ways, like entering a whole new world. It can take time to become familiar with the language of that new world and with many things that are involved, such as when to stand up and when to sit down or what certain words and actions mean – however, there is no rush and no timeframe for this knowledge or understanding. We will share this experience with you as friends – and there will always be plenty of opportunities to ask questions, share ideas and feel supported.

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