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    We are a ‘church’ 

    We have a mix of people from different backgrounds – ages, cultures, education and life experience

    We are a congregation of the Uniting Church in Australia. For more information on the Uniting Church, visit http://uca.org.au/

    • We are part of the wider ‘church’ of Jesus Christ – the word ‘church’ comes from a Greek word which means “belonging to the Lord”.
    • We have a ‘past’.
    • We have a ‘future’.

    We are disciples of Jesus Christ

    We are all called to continue the ministry of Jesus Christ for the sake of the good news (the gospel) that he proclaimed and lived out.

    • We are a people on a journey, a pilgrim people on the way;
    • Some of us have grown up in the church; some of us have not and ‘we’ are exploring what it might mean to be a follower of Christ Jesus.

    Just visiting

    • The presence of Christ can often come to us through the face of a stranger. (In the Bible: the book of Matthew 25);
    • One of the core practices of the early church was one of hospitality, one of welcoming the stranger who is a “gift” to the hosting community;
    • We like to welcome all to our services and to our fellowship of coffee, tea and a ‘Take 10’ time of news and happenings.

    Hi, I’m New and I’d like to belong.

    • We would like anyone who is “new” to feel as if they belong. Please fill in one of our ‘welcome cards’ either on-line or at the church, including your contact details (privacy respected) and let us how you would like to belong.
    • For a church name tag,  please contact Callum via the following email address: LeighMemorialUniting@gmail.com
    • For further information and assistance,  please contact us at the following email address: LeighMemorialUniting@gmail.com

    How we organise ourselves.

    • Congregation Leaders Team
    • Worship Committee
    • Heritage Committee
    • Future Directions

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