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    • Leigh Memorial is a diverse worship community, with a happy and accepting mix of people of different ages, cultures, and educational and life experiences;
    • We are part of the Uniting Church in Australia. For more information on the Uniting Church, visit http://uca.org.au/;
    • Our congregation is named in honour of the first minister of our church and Parramatta Mission, Rev Samuel Leigh(1785–1852), who was also the first Wesleyan Methodist missionary to New South Wales in 1815;
    • Our congregation is part of the wider ‘Church’ of Jesus Christ, ie. the word ‘Church’ comes from a Greek word meaning “belonging to the Lord”;
    • As a congregation, we have a ‘past’extending back over 200 years, a ‘present’ that we are living and enjoying to the best of our ability – and a ‘future’ that we are exploring and building with the prayerful and practical support of our members, our fellow Parramatta City Uniting Church communities and our local community;
    • As a community, we support the good work of Parramatta Mission’s ‘Meals Plus’– a meals and assistance program for vulnerable and marginalised people, which operates on our site on weekdays for breakfast and lunch. Donations welcome: https://www.parramattamission.org.au/donate/
    • We gather for worship and morning tea each Sunday morning from 9.30am – and our worship is also live-streamed via Zoom.

    Parramatta’s homeless offered temporary accommodation

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