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    Publication of books

    Historically, indigenous Fijians are oral people, history is kept orally and passed from one generation to another. In our new adopted land, the practice of passing stories is fading out.

    Publications include:

    The Sprouting Coconut Sa kadre na niu Tabacakacaka Ermington/Parramatta Celebrating 20 years 1991-2011

    Na Gone ni Veidogo Adriu Rogoimuri Autobiography’ 2013, 2014


    Preaching Plan (hyperlink google docs) à still in progress

    Link to Fijian lectionary

    Hymn links (hyperlink google docs) à still in progress


    04 Aug 09 Aug

    Homelessness Week Parramatta



    Homelessness Week is an annual week coordinated by Homelessness Australia to raise awareness of people... read more

    10 Sep

    Out Of the Shadows

    153 George Street Parramatta

    5:00 am - 12:00 am

    You can make a difference by participating in Lifeline’s Out of the Shadows - national suicide prevention... read more

    21 Sep

    Interfaith Peace Service

    119 Macquarie Street Parramatta

    2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

    You are invited to join at the Interfaith Peace Service. Keynote Speaker: Professor Peter Shergold AC,... read more

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