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    Sunday School

    • Sunday School Group meet every Sunday during the school term
    • Weekly activities vary from bible stories, colouring, story telling, games, guided study and historical tours
    • Three (3) other special programs run for Sunday School:
      1. Leading worship on Palm Sunday
      2. Participation on the annual Kids Camp Out
      3. End of Year/Christmas Breakup

    Subject to change with COVID-19 restrictions


    • Youth groups meet every Friday of the school Term, from 7.30 to 9.30pm
    • Youth program include welcoming prayer, greetings, activities, Lectionary Bible readings, prayers and dinner
    • Participation for NCYC, YouLEAD, weekend Camps/retreats and self organised fundraising drives. Car wash and curry nights are favorites

    Subject to change with COVID-19 restrictions

    Prayer Groups/Matamasumasu

    • Three prayer groups are geographically located
      Group 1 – Paramatta, Auburn, Berala, Fairfield, Carramar
      Group 2 – Blacktown
      Group 3 – Minchinbury, Glenwood, Mt Druitt, St. Clair
    • Each group has an elected leader
    • Meeting days, time and frequencies are agreed by members and are different between groups
    • Prayer Groups are rostered to lead worship on Sunday services
    • Feel free to contact Vakatawa or leaders to join

    Subject to change with COVID-19 restrictions


    • There are no specific members but an open invitation is made to all church members for choir practices on Saturday afternoons
    • Exception is the second week of the month when young people lead Cross-cultural Worship

    Subject to change with COVID-19 restrictions



    Bula Feeding Ministry
    Bula Feeding provides free meal every Tuesday at Alpha Park. The Service is from 5:30 7pm. Aim to provide meal without cost to those in need, to welcome all and to provide Volunteers the opportunity to assist others in the community.

    Bula Feeding Facebook Page

    Growing Leaders
    We continue to encourage the Fijian National Conference and member churches to promote higher education to young people to enable grow leaders in the community. Leigh Fijian is also keen in encouraging theological training and formation into Ministry for our members.

    Scholarship Fund
    A scholarship fund for theological education or publication is available and managed by Parramatta Mission. This incentive is to encourage members of the wider Fijian community to further theological training or pursue publication of Fijian related theological/biblical books. For any donations, please contact Leigh Fijian Treasurers or Parramatta Mission Office.

    The congregation actively participates in annual/bi-annual camps : Kids Camp Out, Youth Winter Camp, National Young Adults Leader’s Conference (NYALC), National Christian Youth Convention (NCYC) and Fijian National Conference.


    Fijian Congregation celebrates key occasions in the life of the church. We celebrate Leigh church heritage, Fijian beginnings at Parramatta, UCA and Methodist anniversaries.  The church also celebrates Fiji Day Worship.

    In 2016, we celebrate our 25th anniversary at Leigh with the unveiling of a commemorative plaque on Rev’d Veitinia Waqabaca’s life and witness in Parramatta; first Minister of the Fijian congregation; and first Fiji-Fijian born ordained Minister of the Uniting Church in Australia. It also marks a long standing relationship between Leigh Memorial with Fiji and Oceania.

    Fundraising Activities
    To finance camps, support community activities and other events fetes, roti curry & pie drives, youth fund raising activities, multicultural day stall and special monthly offerings finance these activities


    Parramatta’s homeless offered temporary accommodation

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