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    We Are

     “We are pilgrim people, island people, gone ni Viti-Fijians
    travellers across the wasa bula-Oceania
    We see Leigh Memorial Church as a welcoming abode to dry our feet and find rest

    We’ve come in waves, some arrived earlier, some just recently, and some travelling through
    Our children have traveled with us
    some born in this new vanua-land we now call home

    We seek Christ together
    Praising and worshiping in the culture, tradition, language of the old and the new
    We sing new songs and our old

    We live, learn, experience, respect, accept, grieve,
    rejoice in a multicultural and cross-cultural community
    We encourage one another, support education and enable leaders
    for our community today and tomorrow”


    Chairman – Sosi Toa

    Vakatawa – Anare Vocea

    Youth Leaders – Tupou Kamotu & Anare Seru

    Sunday School Team Leads – Diana Satala & Mereani Tamaitaisi
    Youth Worship Team Leads – Tupou Kamotu & Milise Foiakau
    Daunisere-Choir Lead – Mele Dovibua

    Prayer Group Leaders
    Youth – Tupou Kamotu & Anare Seru
    Group 1 – Dale Tonawai
    Group 2 – Suguta Rogoimuri
    Group 3 – Sosi Toa


    “how can we sing the Lord’s song in a NEW land”

    The struggle for survival and belonging in a strange land is real. From communal and open door living; to a contrasting way of life can be overwhelming. The church is one place where we find familiarity.

    Traditions, solesolevaki-gathering, talanoa-stories, laughter, kana vata–sharing of a meal, and singing folk songs and hymns binds us together. The foundation of lotu-church from the island continue to draw us as one.

    The stories of 2ndGens are different. Their culture is a hybrid of heritage and contemporary; identity toggle between Fijian and Australian. Their song is the song of the new land. Their talanoa-stories is of the now, via the cyber world and social media platforms.

    We are challenged to journey together, to sing our songs together.


    “and my heart was strangely warmed”

    The Fiji National Conference 2016 theme has adopted UCA President Stuart McMillan’s theme to the 14th Triennial Assembly ‘Hearts on fire’.

    At Mother’s Day Worship, the hearts of women were warmed as they shared their personal testimonies reflecting on the flame that sometimes quenches to ashes yet with fellowship, handholding and encouragement it ignites, kindles, burns, consumes and allows regrowth into their lives.

    Together as a congregation we seek to be continuously warmed by sparks of passion for Christ, and hope to share this warmth to those we interact with.


    “I’m New and I’d like to belong”

    We hope our big Bula smile is infectious and will warm your heart to join us.

    In Fijian hospitality ‘Sa noda vale kece – This is all our home’; and as our elders say, ‘E sega na vulagi ena Nona Vale na Kalou – There are no visitors in God’s place of worship’.

    Please talk to any of our leaders or fill in one of our ‘welcome cards’, including your contact details (privacy respected) and let us how you would like to belong.


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