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    Monday 25th Dec 2017

    Give a home and hope
    to families in need 
    this Christmas

    Thousands of people will be struggling through difficult circumstances this Christmas.

    For example, every day we work with families with sick children who often require urgent medical support through our Wesley Apartments. People like Sarah* and her husband Matt* who, two years ago, received the distressing news that their young daughter Ruby* urgently required a life-saving liver transplant. While Ruby was waiting for her new liver she had to frequently attend the children’s hospital but because the family lived outside of the Sydney area they had nowhere to stay and it was impossible for them to travel the enormous distances for Ruby to receive her treatment. Through our Wesley Apartments, we were able to provide a home away from home for Ruby and her parents relocating to Sydney for Ruby’s treatment. In fact we have provided a home for more than 500 families since the apartments were built. Ruby and her parents had to wait for two years before a liver became available for her.

    Their story is heart-wrenching but happily, we were able to provide a home for Ruby and her family and as you can imagine the Christmas celebrations were forgotten, as Ruby’s health was the focus. Due to the generosity of people like you, we were able to provide a beautiful Christmas hamper, with delicious festive food and gifts for Ruby and her parents to enjoy.

    This Christmas as you think about how you will celebrate with your family and friends, I invite you to partner with us in supporting people in our community in great need, so that they too may be able to celebrate Christmas and face the future with hope.
    Give generously today! Your support provides a number of critical services that supports people in desperate situations, just like Ruby and her family facing a medical crisis.

    With your help, we can work together so that people in our community may have a happy, hope-filled Christmas. Thank you to everyone who has already donated to this appeal.

    $29 will provide a Christmas gift

    $48 will provide a welcome pack
    for a family in our accommodation

    $98 will provide gifts and a meal
    for a family to celebrate Christmas



    Thank you for your generosity.

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a safe, happy New Year.


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