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    With inflation now well over 6%, and wages not meeting this rise, the cost-of-living leaves many struggling to make ends meet, living week to week on very little – creating financial and emotional strain.

    For those who are on a fixed or low income choices of where to spend what little they have can be difficult. Travel costs, food and necessities, paying rent or bills become things to be decided on, rather than taken for granted.

    By committing to a donation of $25 a month you can make these decisions easier by providing food basics and essentials, thus freeing up income to ensure there is a safe and secure place to live and that the lights and heating can remain on.

    $25 can buy security and a little peace of mind for those who are most vulnerable.

    Monday to Friday afternoons at Parramatta Mission, Meals Plus provides a place for people to come and receive a bag of groceries, fresh fruit and vegetables and other essentials.

    Your donation will ensure that we can continue to meet demand as we supply around 40 hampers daily to individuals and families who come to us for assistance.

    Maddie is 35 and has recently started a new job, found accommodation in a shared house and plans to find her own place when she can. She comes to Meals Plus for breakfast and a hot cup of coffee, and receives a food hamper once a week. These seemingly small things allow Maddie peace of mind that she can reserve the little money she has to pay her rent and afford travel to work each day. Week by week her stress is less, and she knows there is help when she most needs it.

    “My budget is very tight, every dollar counts and I have to plan what I will spend my money on. The money I save by coming to Meals Plus means I can pay my rent each fortnight and get to work on the train. The hamper gives me enough food for a couple of days and there are always fruit and vegetables and other things so I know I will get by and not have to worry. The staff and volunteers are so nice and they always make me feel welcome and not ashamed of needing to ask for help. Hopefully soon I can get more hours at work and will be able to do more for myself.”

    A typical hamper contains staples like milk and bread, basic meal items like tinned food and noodles, some snacks, possibly pasta or rice, coffee, tea and sugar and biscuits. Food recovery services like Ozharvest deliver fruit, vegetables, and other grocery items a few times a week that would otherwise go to landfill. These can be chosen by our visitors to make nutritious meals for themselves and their families.

    Please donate and commit to a $25 per month gift to ensure Maddie and others like her can live with a little less stress and the ability to make a little go a lot further.

    Your generosity will help to transform lives in our community and give someone a hand up when they are at their lowest.

    Meals Plus has seen demand for meals and assistance increase dramatically and currently serves around 200 – 250 meals a day as well as providing around 40 hampers each afternoon along with fresh produce and essentials like toiletry items. In order to continue to meet demand we need your help.

    A regular gift of $25 per month will ensure our service continues to meet demand and assist those in our community who need it most.

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