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    A specialist advisory committee has been established to ensure the Continuing to be Me (C2bMe) program is guided by industry experts and key stakeholders. The committee will provide ongoing advice and advocacy over the life of the C2bMe project, identify opportunities to strengthen clinical and practice governance ensuring safe and quality mental healthcare that is responsive to changing or developing need.

    This committee will also foster partnership opportunities, working relationships and specialist advice on directions in older people’s mental healthcare.

    During initial implementation phase consultation will specifically be sought on the following aspects:

    • Service Model – program theory and logic
    • Evaluation framework and psychometric measures
    • Stepped care approach – development of care pathways
    • Partnership with residential aged care facilities – systems, processes
    • Operational protocols e.g. referral and consent process

    During the program maintenance phase consultation will be sought on the following aspects:

    • Clinical pathways
    • Case review – complex presentations
    • Operational protocols (specifically related to shared care) review and monitoring
    • Developmental evaluation

    The following organisations / expert stakeholders should be represented on the Specialist Advisory Committee

    • Parramatta Mission
    • Coordinare – South Eastern NSW PHN
    • South Eastern NSW LHD
    • Estia Health
    • Senior Rights Service
    • HETI
    • TAFE Wollongong
    • GP’s

    The members of the committee will ensure that their organisation is represented at all meetings.

    When appropriate the members may invite other staff to attend and assist with C2bMe establishment related issues.

    Memberships will be reviewed as required to ensure the specialist advisory committee meets the needs of the C2bMe program and the key stakeholders involved.

    If you would like to be involved in the C2bMe Specialist Advisory Committee we welcome you to contact us via email c2bmeSE@parramattamission.org.au


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