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    What is Continuing to be Me (C2bMe)?

    Continuing to be Me (C2bMe) is an innovative program designed to provide mental health services to people living in residential aged care facilities. The program also provides training and capacity building for the people who care for the elderly.

    The C2bMe program:

    • Is a comprehensive person-centred model of care.
    • Is designed to reinforce identity and purpose for the residents.
    • Increases connectedness and hope.
    • Aims to improve the resident’s mental health wellbeing.
    • Increases the day to day functioning of residents in aged care facilities.
    What is Continuing to be Me at HOME (C2bMe@home)?

    Continuing to be Me at home (C2bMe@home) is currently delivered in the SENSW region, designed to provide mental health services to older people living in their own homes or residences. C2bMe@home also offers focused psychosocial education for the older person, their family and or carers as well as community members.

    What supports are provided?

    C2bMe can assist with:

    • Providing evidence based, short term therapies delivered by mental health professionals, through therapeutic group sessions or individual clinical care for the residents of the aged care facilities.
    • Capacity building for the staff of the residential aged care facilities within the region.
    • Integrated team approach of care involving GPs, staff of the facilities, carers and families.
    Eligibility Criteria

    C2bMe is a FREE service for people who meet the following criteria:

    • Residents of partnered aged care facilities, within the geographical regions of South Western Sydney and South Eastern NSW.
    • Older persons over the age of 65 years, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over the age of 50.
    • Older persons who have experienced, or at risk of, mild to moderate symptoms of common mental health concerns.
    • Residents who have consented and are able to participate in the program.

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