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    *Jean has been visiting Meals Plus for approximately 15 years battling difficulties from all directions. Sleeping in corridors, being homeless, having Tourette like syndrome with a very loud scream, Jean has always been welcomed at Meals Plus which she would call her safe space. Due to her unfortunate addiction, it had always been a challenge to help turn her life around and assistance was provided in terms of material aid, food and most importantly social aid.

    A day came when Jean had visited Meals Plus completely Sober, and a change was made. The change to keep her sober and stable and she accepted!

    The acceptance of helping herself transformed her life and the decision has not only helped her enhance her education further, obtain a job she never thought she would have and to be able to house herself on her own, she is now one of our biggest advocates.

    Jean makes the effort to look after people who were once in her position and refer them to Meals Plus – go see the “old man with white hair” and he’ll look after you.

    For 15 years Jean visited, it took time, it was difficult, many things changed along the way, but one thing always remained the same and always will – the doors of Meals Plus.


    *name has been changed for privacy


    Parramatta’s homeless offered temporary accommodation

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