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    *Carlos, is a gentleman in his 40’s. He came to Australia in 2011 after being disowned by his family due to cultural reasons, leaving him stranded and homeless. After suffering from PTSD, depression and constant anxiety, he developed several behavioral issues which led to him being barred from several services which would been of benefit to him.

    By making the decision to walk through the doors of Meals Plus, and working with the team day-in & day-out, Carlos has finally been able to turn his life around after living on the streets for over a decade. With the difficulty of being barred from a number of services, the Meals Plus team were able to work with Service NSW to obtain identification for him, to create a bank account and most importantly – as of Oct ’22 he has paid his first bill of rent!

    Yes, through keeping the doors of Meals Plus open ALWAYS, and by welcoming all who come to us, Carlos now has a roof over his head, a stable income, an identity and has the courage to walk the streets with his head held high, having overcome many of the struggles life has thrown at him.

    *Name changed for privacy purpose.


    Parramatta’s homeless offered temporary accommodation

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