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    Message from Cameron – Manager, Hospitality

    The year of 2021 continued to be a very challenging one for the hospitality industry and 175 was not exempt. There were some positive signs in the first half of the year where we experienced as close to the pre-pandemic days as possible. Elective surgery returned and there was plenty of pent-up demand, Rugby league matches returned to Western Sydney Stadium, the hotels      Conference Centre started to be booked out weekly hosting meetings & events with catered functions from our newly opened KERAMIC Café.

    There were several nights the hotel was near full occupancy until of course the Delta strain hit Sydney’s shores in late June.

    We were one of the first LGA’s of concern, curfews were put in place and then the entire Greater Sydney region was placed into lockdown. Fortunately, 175 Hotel was ‘authorised’ to stay open and we continued to welcome those that needed us most. – healthcare professionals, families who had a loved one involved in a terrible accident or for those requiring an urgent and often lifesaving operation.

    Our 175 Team increased their care and attention ensuring guests had a safe and comfortable experience throughout the very difficult and unprecedented times everyone continued to face throughout the year.

    In the months of August and September 175 Hotel accommodated healthcare workers from Western Sydney Local Health District who were required to isolate for up to 2 weeks due to being exposed to the Delta strain at work. In total 42 Nurses and Doctors stayed throughout this time.

    The Sydney Children’s Hospital Network leased Wesley Apartments from September to late November to accommodate children whilst their parents were receiving treatment or recovering from Covid. Some apartments also housed covid positive children and nurses were stationed onsite around the clock.

    Belinda Morgan decided to have a change of career and left the organisation in December, we thank her for all her hard work and dedication over her 9.5 years of service.

    There was an overwhelming positive response of thanks from our guests as well management and staff at Westmead Hospital and Children’s Hospital Westmead for all our support. This epitomises our promise of providing genuine, caring ‘Hospitality with Heart’.

    The Omicron variant continues to present challenges in operating a hotel 24/7 especially when either staff or their partners have to isolate for 7 days when positive, but as always we find ways to push through, keep the doors open and will continue to deliver “hospitality with heart”, part of the bigger vision of Parramatta Mission as “a community transforming lives” and living out our Christian values.”

    When I look to the coming year, I would hope that our regular guests can return for their routine checkups, that elective surgery re-opens and restrictions on visitation in the hospital are removed so family members can stay with us and visit their loved ones.

    We look forward to working closely with our congregations, welcoming them back to Westmead and building strong, positive relationships in 2022.

    Cameron Westman
    General Manager – Hospitality



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