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    Meals Plus continues to operate during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as an essential service. In fact, our work has never been more vital as more people in the community face increased hardship.

    We are committed to keeping our doors open to provide takeaway meals, food parcels and welfare to those who are homeless or facing hardship during the ongoing crisis. With so many people losing their income we fear the numbers will continue to increase and we need your help now more than ever.

    Services provided each day at this time include

    • 50+ Breakfasts (takeaway)
    • 150+ Lunches (takeaway)
    • 30+ hygiene packs
    • 50+ food parcels
    • 15+ loads of laundry
    • 10+ showers
    • home deliveries for those unable to visit

    Meals Plus has also provided (through NSW Health) 150 flu vaccines and over 150 COVID vaccinations this year to vulnerable members in our community.

    The Meals Plus service receives no government funding, so is entirely reliant on donations.

    We never know the moment when someone will reach out for help. It’s why we have worked tirelessly to keep Meals Plus open 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year. And every day almost 200 people come to us for a filling meal or food essentials and assistance.

    Our program is run in the leanest way possible while still maintaining the highest standard of care for those we help. The majority of our staff are highly dedicated volunteers who freely give their time to help those less fortunate.

    It’s a safe and welcoming environment where vulnerable people can receive a helping hand to a brighter future.

    If you can, please consider donating today to ensure that we can continue to assist people every day.


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