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    The work of Parramatta Mission is reliant on the community to support through volunteering, partnerships and donations.

    Here are some ways in which you can help.

      One-time Donation
      Our Meals Plus service is continuing to see an increase in need in the community and we need you help to provide meals and other assistance every day. Your donation will help to ensure that no one needs to go hungry or be unable to provide basic essentials for themselves and their families. You can donate online HERE, or call 02 9891 2277 to make a donation over the phone. Meals Plus receives no government funding and is reliant on donations to maintain its operations.

      Regular (recurring) donation
      Making on ongoing, regular donation (once a month for example) helps to generate a steady stream of financial support so that Parramatta Mission can fulfill our vision and mission more effectively. It also allows us to plan for future programs and services. You can initiate a regular gift online HERE, or contact fundraising@parramattamission.org.au to find out more.


      Without the kindness and commitment of our dedicated volunteers, many of our services would not be possible. We have a wide variety of volunteering opportunities within Parramatta Mission which are ever-changing. You can see what opportunities are available HERE and sign up online.
      Any questions about volunteering should be emailed to volunteer@parramattamission.org.au


      Your network of friends, family or colleagues may be just as passionate as you about assisting those most in need in our community. You may want to ask people to make a donation in lieu of gifts or in celebration of an occasion.
      Parramatta Mission can assist you in fundraising activities or bringing your idea to life.
      You can also start raising money online immediately with a simple to set up campaign on the MyCause website, nominating Parramatta Mission as the recipient of your fundraising.
      If you need assistance with this contact fundraising@parramattamission.org.au

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