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    During May and June headspace Mount Druitt and Nepean TAFE ran a free Fitness program called Fit Space. The program was based on two units which were; manage personal stress in the workplace and maintain sport, fitness and recreational industry knowledge.  Fit Space allowed the young people to explore their strengths and skills giving them the opportunity to find the strengths they didn’t know they had. What really stood out was how the group dynamics changed when we were outside of the classroom and in the gym area. While we were in the gym area the young people were all talking to each other and were all encouraging each other as well as encouraging us headspace staff, this was something we observed over the 6 weeks of the program.

    In the classroom setting we saw something we hadn’t seen in other groups before which was young people sharing personal experiences and stories to the group, which was not a requirement. When the young people would share their stories other young people around them would always support them and would provide encouragement. It was great to see how comfortable the young people felt even from the beginning of the program. Over the 6 weeks of the program young people and headspace staff learned all about the fitness industry, nutrition and gym equipment. This program provided young people with knowledge they can use across all areas of the lives whilst providing a therapeutic benefit as well. At the end of the program young people said they now felt more motivated and that the program provided them with a new sense of perspective. Everyone in the group received a certificate of Participation for the two units completed. We hope to run this program again in the future.

    Well done headspace Mount Druitt Primary Care Team great achievement!!!


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